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3rd Generation Family-Owned Ranch

Originated from Lake Elsinore, California in 1956 and being one of the top Arabian breeding farms in the area, gave it the illustrious name of

Elsinore Arabian Stud.

Now located in Wildomar, Ca. EAS continues to breed Arabian and Half-Arabian Horses for anyone and everyone. We are a small breeding program that only breeds a couple of mares a year, but our goal is to produce quality, all-around Arabians for in and out of the show ring. Not only do we breed, but we take pride it helping horses and their owners grow a stronger bond. We love what we do and hope you do too. Have a look around and reach out with any questions or if you would like to meet an Arabian horse. 



Elsinore Arabian Stud (EAS), established in 1956 by Charles and Inez Doner​, has contributed toward the improvement of the Arabian breed for many years and continues to do so for many more. In 1961, EAS was one of the first farms to import horses from Poland after WWII, including such noted horses as *ARDAHAN, *MIRZAZ, *MOHACZ and *MUZULMANIN. In 1963, *MUZULMANIN was awarded Scottsdale Champion Halter Stallion and Scottsdale Champion English Pleasure horse, and that carved the path for the Arabian breed as this horse influenced Dr. Eugene LaCroix of Lasma Arabians to import none other than the immortal *BASK++. In 1967, with Kathy LaCroix in the irons, *MIRZAZ went on to become a U.S National Top Ten Park Horse after racing on the track in Poland.

EAS was also home to the supreme sire and living legend ABU FARWA, who won his last halter championship at the age of 29. This impeccable stallion incorporated his bloodlines into many breeding programs, including the W.K Kellogg Arabian Horse Center at Cal Poly Pomona. He also produced outstanding babies such as the world famous mare, FLICKA. In the history of EAS came the Pure Polish stallion *BEN COMET, who in 1975 became U.S National Top Ten Park Horse. Imported from Poland by Sir William Farm, *BEN COMET was noted to be the first horse bred by a private breeder and raced on the Warsaw Track. With a highly successful race career in Poland to many Park Horse Championships in the U.S, he was an incredible asset to our breeding program.


In 1976, Dana Story's parents purchased the ranch from the Doners' and continued breeding and showing prized Arabian horses that was started many years before. Some of the most recognized mares in the industry made their home here at EAS including champion mare ELSINORE SKY HIGH++, TJS GEORGIE GIRL -U.S National Champion mare, KANADEA -Canadian National Top Ten mare, Champion producing KHEMOSABI+++ daughter KHE-MO-REE and the outstanding Aristocratic mare BLUE BIERKA, dam of multiple champions such as, BLUE BASK, BI BASK, LE BLUE BASQUE, KALIKKA, and DDINNERKA. A true star, DDINNERKA was known around the world as she was Whittier Lions Junior Champion Filly and Scottsdale Junior Champion Filly in 1981 and 1982, then continued to Scottsdale Reserve Champion Mare as a two year old in 1983. 

Today, EAS is still accomplishing what it is set out to do: breeding quality Arabian horses for in and out of the show ring, proving to world how versatile and well minded Arabians can be. Plus offering our training services for all breeds. We love seeing people connect with their horses and finding perfect homes is what we always aim to do.

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